I am hoping that you are not making these mistakes. Here is a list of some you may or may not know are mistakes.

  • placing your seal/stamp over words
  • placing your seal/stamp where you see the words "seal" which is meant for the principals signature not your seal
  • using a smudgy seal
  • not giving the Oath every time you notarize loan documents or when required by the certificate
  • not being at the table at the time of the appointment
  • not being available to fix your mistakes or to answer questions from the company that hired you or the mortgage company after the assignment. Keep in mind if the documents to not arrive on time you will receive a call asking for the tracking number. I am now listing the tracking number on my log book page.
  • use your log book every time
  • follow directions. This is not hard so why is it not being done? Read your directions carefully and highlight everything you are asked to do.
    • What color ink
    • extra printing
    • pages to be initialed
  • the I can't believe is being rude. How do you plan on being in business long if you are rude to the people that hire you or their customers?

Every so often you need to review the Notary Public laws so that you stay in compliance. I have a web site set up for that it is www.NotaryDirect.com


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  1. Kandra Johnson says:

    “not giving the Oath every time you notarize loan documents or when required by the certificate” ok I have made this mistake.. is this supposed to be done @ every signing?

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