New Tool you Must Have

This new tool is called the "Notary Search" and it is an app for Apple and Android.

1. Download: Go to the Apple Store or your Android store, search in the business section for the app.   

2. Cost: The cost of the download is 99 cents and that is not going to change.   

3. Profile: To get your profile listed click on the “Sign In” button (profile). You will be taken to a screen which will ask you to input both your name and your email address. Then just press “Send” and they will send you a registration package via email. Fill in the form and very shortly you will see that they have posted a completed profile for you. To see an example, go to the Notary Search button on the Categories page. Scroll down to the Arizona button and click on my name. You will see all of the information they input for me. 

4. Cost – Long Term:  For the first 10,000 notaries there is no fee to create this “Profile” for them until their commission expires and they renew for another term. After the first 10,000 registrants, there will be a fee of $5.00. This $5.00 fee will cover the cost to the notary for the full term of their commission (usually 4 years), and each time their commission is renewed they will be charged another $5.00.  

Check it out. I think it will become a life line for us. Think about it. We all use cell phones. With this app the Signing Companies are now free to run there days as they wish. Running to the store or post office while still being able to locate Signing Agents when needed.

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