Setting up Google Voice

I use Google Voice for my Signing Business. With Google Voice I know when to answer the phone with "Hello" and when to answer professionally. Here is how to set it up:
Go to If you have an account with Google sign in if not set up an account.
Then in the top right corner you will see a bunch of dots. Click on them. At the bottom of the pop up box is a link to more. On the new pop up box at the bottom click on even more. On this page drag down. In the left column about half way down you will see Voice. Click on it. You want a new phone number. Follow the prompts. Once it is set up click on setting wheel. Click on the Calls tab. Next to Caller ID (incoming) mark Display my Google Voice number.
Now go to your cell phone and save your new number as Signings. This way when your phone rings you will know it is a Signing Company calling.
When ever you sign up with a company use your google voice number so that when they call you will know how to answer your phone.
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August 1, 2015 changes coming

New in August is the combining of the Good Faith Estimate and the TILA into a new document called the New Loan Estimate.

Also, the HUD-1 and the Final TILA will be combined into the New Closing Disclosure.

Here is a sample of the new forms New Closing Disclosure and new loan estimate



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A Mobile Notary’s Nightmare: A Signer With A Gun

This is found in the National Notary Association Notary Bulletin please read!!

Mobile Notary nightmare

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New No No list out

Hello, here is a listing of Signing Companies that are not paying for our services. If you find one that you have been working for and are getting paid on time please let us know.

This list is only available to paid members. Click Here

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This morning there was a press release from the Mortgage Bankers Assn. They lowered their forecast for loan originations in 2014.

If  you are a member of Linkedin please read this conversation from Howard B. :  Click Here

Basically a few people are speaking out about companies requiring us to go through NNA to get our back ground checks.

The other part of the conversation is that we can expect to have companies try to get us to take less money for assignment and there will be less assignments to go around.

Howard B.Owner at Pro Mobile Notary

Their outlook is suggesting to them that refinances activity will be down 60% relative to 2013 while purchase loan activity will rise by only 3.8%.

Let me pose a rhetorical question to you. If you owned a signing service and your escrow company or lender clients demanded that you maintain certain documents/records for all your subcontractors, are you going to comply or tell them to take a hike?

No doubt everyone already understands that there is going to be dramatically fewer signing assignments this year relative to last year as evidenced by what happened in the last quarter of 2013.

As a signing service owner are you going to use undocumented signing agents that are trying to fight the government mandates (as interpreted by those clients) or are you going to use NSAs that provide what is being demanded?

No doubt many NSAs will leave the business the same way the Dodd-Frank requirement of national licensing of loan originators (on top of state licensing where required) drove many of them out of that industry.

There are a few comments so please go to the link above.


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Nationwide Notary Registry Special

Internet advertising is crucial to your Notary business advertising strategy. If you are serious about your Notary career you must consider online advertising on This will allow title & escrow companies and general public to have accurate information when seeking you for Notary Public signings.

Throughout the entire month of Thanksgiving, we are offering a special price - $20.00 / year - on your membership with the

We are a young, dynamic and energetic company that has a multi skilled team of dedicated professionals. 

Our vision is simple yet ambitious: to create the largest online Registry of Notaries Public in the USA. Sign up now(secure page) 

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Don’t make too many vacation plans for the end of October through the end of the year.


Howard BlumOwner at Pro Mobile Notary

For those of you unaware of my background, I am an economist that has been following the Federal Reserve since my days on Wall Street in the last 1960s. For the past 25 years I have been closely following interest rate trends and I publish a daily newsletter for the loan origination and fixed-income investment communities.

As our national economy has shown that the expansion of our economy has slowed and the higher interest rates have made the home sales continuum buckle the Fed backed away from their idea of tapering their purchases of the stuff that moves home loan rates, the credit markets have responded appropriately.

I am forecasting a resurgence of refinance signings for the last two months of 2013.

Found on Linkedin, group name Mobile Notaries. Are you a member? It is free!

Read comments at

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Pro Mobile Notary from LinkedIn

I want to solicit some input from group members

Howard Blum
Owner at Pro Mobile Notary
We all know that the business has contracted for most companies in the signing business. We have been very fortunate in that we remain reasonably busy, and about to get busier.

I was approached today by a sizable East Coast title & escrow company to work with them. They are saying they will send us a sizable order count each month in exchange for volume pricing.

For those of you that have worked with us, here is the challenge. What they are offering is below our standard fee structure. The only way we can make this arrangement work is if we trim a little from the fees we pay the signing agents and take an even larger discount off our own net fees.

If you had the opportunity to get a more steady flow of signing assignments in this lean market would you accept an eDoc assignment for $85.00? That is what I need to know before I get into a contractual arrangement with these people in the upcoming week.

Oh, the discounted fees would only apply to orders from this one company. Our normal fees would be paid from our other clients.

What say you????igning assignments in this lean market would you accept an eDoc assignment for $85.00? That is what I need to know before I get into a contractual arrangement with these people in the upcoming week.

Oh, the discounted fees would only apply to orders from this one company. Our normal fees would be paid from our other clients.

What say you????

Found on LinkedIn. Their web site for signing up is:

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Nations Signature Closers

Nations Signature Closers is looking for qualified signing agents.  Their web site is They have started a new database so if you were on their list before you will need to review your profile with them and up date as needed.

Is anyone working for them now? Let us know if you have had any problems with them.

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Are you having Problems Collecting your Money?

Check out this video:

If you think this may help you please let us know in the comment section. If you are a member let us know what you think?

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